Revamped Development Code for City of Aledo

User friendly navigation and public input from residents, commissioners, and council members.
Simple to use district breakdown for residents, businesses, and developers.
Dark Sky friendly regulations that conserve Aledo’s rural feel and perfect skies.

On December 7th, 2023 the Aledo City Council unanimously voted to update their zoning and subdivision code with a Unified Development Code. The intent of the code was focused on simplifying the development process for residents and staff, providing more guidance for builders regarding the future of Aledo, and updating language to be in line with recent state legislation.

Place Strategies, Inc. was able to use its knowledge regarding the existing code and development conflicts to navigate a new UDC that would not only resolve those issues but also move the development process ahead within the community. Property owners have a better method of improving their property with the updated UDC.

Major updates include user friendly graphics, updated standards that are in line with the community expectation, and a simplified process for development. Public engagement included a virtual website hub, public open house, multiple work sessions with City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission, and extended UDC draft review for the public.

With the updated development code, the City of Aledo is in a position to move into a development friendly phase as development continues to move westward from Fort Worth.