New UDC for City of Claremore

On December 6, 2021 the City of Claremore adopted a reinvigorated Unified Development Code that will allow creativity in developments around the City and especially in the identified Special Districts. The identified Special Districts are: Downtown, Old Town, Will Rogers, and West Bend. The previously adopted Comprehensive Plan called out for more innovative housing solutionsContinue reading “New UDC for City of Claremore”

Updated Downtown Regulations for Celina

The Celina Downtown Code was officially adopted on May 11, 2021. This code brings City regulations in alignment with the recently adopted award-winning downtown master plan. The Downtown Code is a hybrid approach to zoning that incorporates form-based regulations with traditional land use protections. The traditional land use protections were used to preserve existing neighborhoodContinue reading “Updated Downtown Regulations for Celina”

Corinth Comprehensive Plan Adoption

Through an extensive design process, the City of Corinth has formally adopted a new long range vision that incorporates new development, parks and open space, and a fresh look at mobility. The City of Corinth has limited land availability and does not have a extraterritorial jurisdiction which makes it vital to be able to developmentContinue reading “Corinth Comprehensive Plan Adoption”