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Our History

Place Strategies, Inc. grew from a creative idea that we could apply ourselves to any situation and solve community issues through innovative planning and development. Our history can be traced back to both the public and private planning sectors and being at the forefront of challenging projects.

Our firm personality stems from an appreciation of functional, well-designed, and walkable urban forms. This theme has guided our projects and success over years and ultimately is our passion in development work. Projects that we take on are carefully curated to make sure our values are aligned with the end result and we are making a positive impact in how development is done with regard to multimodal transportation, city sustainability, and climate resiliency.

We have been exposed to different areas of the country and the world through our planning and development projects such as the West and East Coast, the Midwest, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. These different exposures have unlocked different perspectives and made our firm more versatile in problem solving with creative solutions.

We look forward to continuing to expand our knowledge and exploring new parts of the world through our planning and development projects.