Raised in rural Southeast Iowa, the most interesting places and buildings were always historic and they always seemed to be more walkable. This feeling sparked Iván’s love for these spaces.

Iván G. Gonzalez, AICP – Planner, Historic Development, Fort Worth.

Iván is an urban planner, preservationist, and developer that has over seven years of experience in designing, facilitating, and implementing planning and development projects from the public and private sector. Iván is passionate about reinvigorating urban downtown cores that were built before the prevailing automobile era. Restoring historic properties by using adaptive reuse principles, creative funding mechanisms, and utilizing partnerships is a focal point in the practice.


Code Writing + Implementation

Historic Tax Credits

Preservation + Adaptive Reuse

Downtown Plans

Past Experiences

Senior Land Use Planner at Kimley-Horn
(2020 – 2021)
Led long-range planning projects including comprehensive planning, small area planning, and neighborhood planning. Developed municipal ordinances including zoning, subdivision, and hybrid development codes. Provided municipal clients with staff augmentation to review developments, coaching, and ordinance amendments. Assisted other divisions by leading preservation and engagement components for transportation, developments services, and engineering projects.

Senior Planner at City of Lubbock
(2018 – 2020)
Served as the City Historic Preservation Officer & Liaison to the Preservation Commission. Reviewed all construction projects within the downtown, historic or special design districts. Worked with developers through the development process by drafting staff reports, presenting to Planning & Zoning Commission, and finalizing all concurrent processes. Worked on designing and implementing a new Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code.

Planner II at City of Cedar Rapids
(2015 – 2018)
Prepared financial & construction agreements for CDBG/Home single/multi-family housing programs. Reviewed and monitored federally funded projects for compliance with federal/local regulations. Developed and administered program initiative to collaborate with neighborhood associations. Led, collaborated and presented on planning projects such as zoning code rewrite, neighborhood action plans, corridor action plans, streetscape and comprehensive plan updates.

Brad grew up in an abundance of natural amenities first in the Saddleback Valley of California, and then through the clear blue shores of Miami Beach, all the while exploring mountains and seas at a young age. An avid swimmer and water polo player, Brad was never far from water and the ocean. Equally exciting is his love for hiking and looking forward to new experiences as he continues to travel to small towns and cities across America.

Brad Lonberger, AIA, AICP, CNU-A – Architect, Placemaking, Traverse City.

Brad is an architect, urban designer, and policy mechanic focused on creating inviting and walkable spaces for real communities. His work has paved the way for top-rated walkable neighborhoods and downtowns that are cherished by residents and visitors alike. Brad believes in the authenticity of a community being the driving force behind attracting tourism and employment in today’s experience economy.

Brad has built a brand of implementation excellence, balancing the predictability that cities want with the flexibility that developers need. He is often mediating (translating) between municipal staff and developers to present old and new ideas to improve our aging infrastructure and catalyze private reinvestment. Brad has crafted a recipe for success for each of his client communities that build on their culture, but expand their opportunities and investment profile.


Implementation Strategies

Form-based Codes

Economics of Place

Master Planning

Past Experiences

Principal at Place Strategies, Inc.
(2018 – present)
Manage operations of the firm, ensures timely deliverable of products, client service and contracts, invoicing, budgeting, and workflow. Manage construction projects for mixed-income, affordable housing developments specializing in master planning, design, entitlements, land selection, conceptual engineering, platting, and architecture. Manage special district implementation plans for municipalities to set up redevelopment authorities (TIF/CRA/URA), phasing plans for infrastructure, economic development analysis, and coordination during construction of mixed-use, residential, and civic developments.

Senior Project Manager at Kimley-Horn
(2019 – 2021)
Led a series of multi-disciplinary teams on multiple transit authority, regional, municipal, and private client projects. Developed transit-oriented development plans, innovative funding initiatives, policies, and managing the design and construction on behalf of private clients. Managed the creation of city comprehensive and strategic plans, including economic analysis of various infrastructure and land-use scenarios within the plan.

Principal and Vice President at Gateway Planning
(2010 – 2017)
Managed operations of the firm, coordinated project managers, coordinated continued education of staff, ensured timely deliverable of products, client service, and processed contracts, invoicing, budgeting, and workflow. Performed work for foreign national, regional, municipal, and private clients. Drafted and legislated over 60 design, zoning, and policy ordinances, including local street, utility, and innovative financing policies. Master-planned and established phasing strategies for historic downtowns, aging corridors, and significant waterways.